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About me

A soothing voice

With her distinctive voice, appealing beauty, smoldering spirit and a heart with room enough for all, she’s internationally adored and a precious jewel of the Nation’s Capital. Angela Stribling has arrived at a place in her career akin to an Empress of Media. She has indelibly captivated eyes, ears and imagination in her roles as Influencer, television host, radio broadcaster, evening news anchorwoman and voiceover professional. She is remembered for her class
and grace served daily on Black Entertainment Television (BET). Angela is presently adored by many listeners as host of the sexy Pillow Talk With Angela heard on 96.3FM WHUR Sunday nights at midnight.

Angela Stribling is bubbling over in anticipation of fresh endeavors for the coming years - restless with vigor, renewed goals and scintillating ideas, centered around her tastefully sexy Original Quiet Storm on WHURfm. Also in training for her Private Pilot’s license, Angela Stribling is, literally, soaring to higher heights in all aspects of her amazing life. She is simply raring to go-Go- GO!

All About "Pillow Talk with Angela"

Pillow Talk was created to offer a nonjudgemental platform for couples and singles to openly talk, answer questions and deal with subjects that relates to love, sex and relationships that may be, for some uncomfortable to address.  

Beyond a radio show heard every Sunday nights at midnight on the number 1 music radio station in Washington DC! Pillow Talk extended its platform online! 

                 This week's topic

       Women assume that men will have sex with just any woman. But, is it true? What are the deal breakers?


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This week's guest is Sisqo!


8 times Grammy Award Nominee, Sisqo will co-host!


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